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Tom Ferguson - Programmes Facilitator

“My strength is that I’ve got a lot of patience, even in difficult situations, and I think that’s where I make a difference to people.”

I run accredited programmes, or what we call RAR programmes, for violent offenders, domestic violence perpetrators, and for people that have a range of criminal offences where they may not have been using their thinking skills appropriately for one reason or another.

We try to help people recognise what they’ve done, and also how they can put things right moving forward, so it’s all about getting people to see the positives about themselves and what they can do differently in life.

My strength is that I’ve got a lot of patience, even in difficult situations. And I think that’s where I make a difference to people. A lot of the time they have experienced people telling them off, and they find our patience quite difficult to understand. Gradually they start opening up a bit more, because they feel like they’re in a place where they can have a little bit more trust than they usually would have.

What gets me out of bed every morning is that bit by bit service users become more open, not just in groups but generally in their lives. And if they can become more open and honest about things, they can start putting them right. Being a part of that change process… that’s what I love.

Working for MTC is for people who want to make a difference, they want to feel that they’ve done something, that they’ve affected people in a positive way. It isn’t an easy job to do, but I love the closeness and know that I can trust my team to back each other up and support each other.

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